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What is GSTIN? Understanding the GSTIN Number and Its Importance in 2023

What is GSTIN?

Every taxpayer below the GST system is given a fifteen digit identity number referred to as the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). Prior to the GST system, all sellers registered below the VAT regulation used to get a completely unique TIN number. Now, GSTIN has replaced TIN.

Before we get deep into GSTIN, let’s see how the specific number enables your business.

Importance of GSTIN

In India’s new indirect tax system, GSTIN is crucial for the reason that preceding structures had been changed through GSTIN. Let us understand its significance as according to its requirement stated withinside the GST Act.

Availing ITC: 

ITC, which stands for Input Tax Credit, is the GST paid at the purchases of products or the enter carrier withinside the direction of enterprise. Therefore, to apply the credit score of entering GST from GST payable on sales, it is important to have GSTIN in order that ITC may be used without fail.

Filing of GST Returns:

 Various GST Returns are required to be filed beneath the GST Act such as GSTR-1, GSTR-3, 3A, GSTR-nine and lots of others. To report those returns it is essential to own GSTIN to present the right report of the products and offerings provided and obtained monthly, quarterly, and yearly to the Government, so one can in addition assist in the availing of ITC. 

Claiming of Refunds: 

Refunds may be claimed under the GST Act as it has diverse provisions together with export of offerings, delivery to SEZ units, etc. For claiming the refund under such provisions, it is crucial to have GSTIN.

Importance in Tax Invoice, Debit Note, and Credit Note: 

GSTIN of provider and recipient ought to be stated in Tax Invoice, Debit Note, and Credit Note. It will assist the receiver of the products and offerings business to avail the enter credit score of such GST paid.

General Requirement: 

GSTIN is the necessary registration quantity required under the GST regulation. Therefore, it is crucial to acquire GSTIN after taking registration under the GST Act.


A legitimate GSTIN number lets in legal recognition of the business entity as a provider of products and offerings. This lets in a business entity to set up trust with its clients and helps withinside the organization’s growth.

  • A man or woman having a legitimate GSTIN quantity can enter credit score on their purchases.
  • With a GSTIN number, you may be capable of boosting your competitiveness compared to a small business, considering that buying from them will make sure to enter credit score.
  • GST Identification Number additionally lets in corporations to steer clear of regulations on interstate sales.
  • The scope of your business also can be better than you’ll be capable of signing up on e-trade websites or opening your personal eCommerce website.

How to use

Applying for GSTIN falls below the GST enrolment procedure. As quickly as your GST application is accepted through the involved GST officer, you’ll get hold of a completely unique GSTIN quantity. There are methods to use for GSTIN, Log directly to offerings.gst.gov.in cross to ‘New Registration’, and fill in the information. An OTP will be dispatched to your phone for verification. After finishing the verification process, an Application Reference Number (ARN) might be sent to your mail or phone. You can now fill Part B of the utility, the use of the ARN. The files that you’ll want on this step include:

  • Photographs
  • Constitution of taxpayer
  • Proof(s) of the area of the business
  • Bank account information
  • Authorization form

Your documents will be verified inside 3 working days. The officer can also additionally ask you for more data in the use of the Form GST-REG-03, which ought to be within seven Business days. You will acquire a Certificate of Registration if the certificate is genuine.

How to verify

Fake GSTIN numbers will be discovered each different day, and this enables the corporations to steer clear of taxes and lets them to fee greater tax. You ought to be conscious that each carrier issuer charging GST to their clients has to print their GSTIN number on all their produced invoices.

If you’re un of the GSTIN number given, you could take a look at it this way:

  • Go to the GST Portal – gst.gov.in.
  • You will see a undefined
  • Enter the GSTIN number you are searching to verify withinside the seek field and the captcha code provided.
  • If the given GSTIN is a legitimate GST registered business, the subsequent information will be shown
  • GSTIN Status
  • Registration Date
  • Type of Business Structure: Company, sole proprietorship
  • Type of Taxpayer. Regular Taxpayer, Composition, SEZ unit
  • However, if the entered GSTIN is invalid, the website will show a message saying undefined


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