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Everything You Need To Know About Post Office RD Calculator

Everything You Need To Know About Post Office RD Calculator

The greatest postal service network in the world is in India. The nationwide post office network, which now includes some of the most isolated regions, takes the credit for this. imately 1.6 lakh post offices make up the India Post, founded in 1854. Post offices’ variety of goods and services is among the main factors influencing their success in India. One such well-liked product is the National Savings Recurring Deposit Account, which is a type of recurring deposit.

The post office RD account offers an interest rate of 5.8%. Planning your finances properly requires calculating returns based on the given interest rate and the length of your investment period. You can quickly estimate returns from your recurring deposit using the Post Office RD calculator.

What is a Post Office Recurring Deposit?

Thanks to the Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme, you can periodically deposit a set amount of money into your account. You can receive interest on these deposits to get a healthy return when it matures. The following are some of the characteristics of the post office recurring deposit account:

  • The maximum annual interest rate at the post office is 5.8%.
  • To open a post office RD account, you must be at least ten years old.
  • A post office RD account can be opened with a minimum deposit of INR 100.
  • The minimum monthly deposit is INR 100. Above that amount, you can deposit more in multiples of INR 10.
  • There is no maximum contribution restriction.
  • Furthermore, India Post provides a discount of INR 40 for 12 months and INR 10 for six months, in the case of advance deposits.
  • Owners of RD accounts at the post office may also be eligible for a loan of up to 50% of their account balance.
  • The interest in post office RDs is compounded quarterly.
  • The maximum initial tenure granted by the post office RD is five years. Although this can be extended for five years following maturity.

It is preferable to anticipate profits from your investment if you are qualified and prepared to open a post office RD account.

How to Calculate Interest?

The following formula can be used to estimate your returns from the post office RD account:

M =R [(1+i) x n – 1]/[1-(1+i)^(-1/3)]


M = Total value of maturity

R = Amount of monthly deposits

n = Period in years

i = Interest rate offered

Let us use an example to grasp this better. You wish to make a 5-year deposit of INR 10,000 per month in a post office RD, which gives a 5.8% interest rate. Here,

R = 10000

n = 5

i = 5.8

Putting these values in the formula, we get:

M = 10000 [(1+5.8) x 5 – 1]/[1-(1+5.8)^(-1/3)]

M = ~INR 6,96,967

As a result, you will get an interest payment of ly INR 96,967 on your total investment of INR 6,00,000, or a maturity amount of INR 6,96,967.

Post Office RD Calculator 2022

As previously said, the post office RD interest rate 2022 calculator makes it simple to calculate returns. But, to achieve the desired outcome, you must provide the information below:

  • Monthly Investment: The amount you want to put into your RD account each month.
  • Interest rate (p.a.): The rate of interest provided in the recurring deposit.
  • Time: The number of years it will take an investment to mature.

The postal RD calculator will do the following calculations and provide the results according to your inputs:

  • Total Amount Invested: The sum of your investments up to maturity.
  • Returns: The amount of interest received for the investment.
  • Total Value: The maturity’s total value.

How to Use A RD Post Office Calculator

The following are the only two straightforward steps needed to use a post office RD calculator:

Step 1: Launch a smartphone or computer’s post office RD interest rate calculator.

Step2: Input the monthly investment amount, the annual percentage rate of interest, and the length of the investment.

That’s enough! The recurring deposit calculator immediately displays the results based on the inputs. Therefore, the earnings and maturity value are immediately available to you.

Benefits of Using A Post Office RD Calculator

The following are some of the many advantages of using a post office RD calculator:

  • The RD calculator performs all calculations rapidly and automatically, saving you time and effort.
  • You can plan your investment correctly, i.e., how much money you wish to put into the RD account every month and for how long. If you have accurate return estimates at your disposal, you can make adjustments to your monthly expenses and make sure you invest the amount needed for your desired maturity value.
  • You can alter the calculator’s input values and adjust the results accordingly. This makes it easier for you to evaluate various plans and select the best one for your needs and budget.

Other Investment Alternatives

To expand your portfolio, it is always a good idea to consider various investment alternatives. Thus, your risk is reduced, and your rewards are maximized. You can make investments in safer options such as fixed deposits and government bonds. Consider investing in stocks if you have a high-risk tolerance. One of the rapidly growing investment opportunities made possible by technology is P2P lending.

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We have now seen how a post office RD calculator can make it simple to determine the returns on your investments. To make wise financial decisions, you can estimate returns, evaluate various investment strategies, and determine how much your money can increase in value.

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